Online & Personal Coaching

We provide premium coaching programs which are specifically designed to give you the systems, support and accountability to help you achieve the body you have always dreamed of.

Meet the Team

Sean O'Donovan

“I created Atomic Fitness to stand out and make a real difference. We’ve built a supportive community where members inspire each other to leave their comfort zone and become fitter, stronger and happier. I love seeing our clients, gain confidence and achieve things that they never thought they could.”

Edel O'Sullivan

“I love seeing the transformation our clients make, they might show up to their first session nervous, with their head down feeling like they’re in the wrong place. But a couple of months in and the same person is walking in the door with their head held high, looking like a totally new person, its amazing.”

Ciara Russell

“I think part of the reason we achieve such amazing transformations is not only from the experience and personalities of our coaches but also we’ve set the bar at a new level. Everyone has seen our results and the positive impact we have on our clients. Their health, mindset and body shape is completely transformed. That’s what changes lives.”

James Gibbs

“We set a high standard for our clients. We create quality training programs that are designed for people with experience but at the same time we deliver it in a way that a total beginner can start their journey and learn about exercise and nutrition along the way. There are no egos, no judgement, everyone is here to improve themselves and be part of a supportive community that gets results.”