Niall’s Transformation

“Having gone from training on a regular basis for most of my life to doing no training at all I quickly started to gain weight and my strength and fitness levels dropped significantly. ⁣

Personally I love a challenge so when Ciara mentioned that the 12 week transformation was starting I decided to give it a go. Obviously once you have a goal to go after it’s easier to focus on your training and eating habits. ⁣

It’s good to regain a level of fitness I hadn’t been able to achieve for the past few years. For me this is a stepping stone towards where I want to be at, and I look forward to taking part in the next 12 week transformation in the weeks ahead. ⁣

A big thanks to the team at Atomic for the support and advice provided throughout the 12 weeks. ⁣
Together they have created a unique gym culture, where members can concentrate on their individual goals while at the same time become part of a community who encourage each other.”