Michaela’s Transfromation

“I decided to join Atomic’s transformation program because I need a drastic change to my lifestyle. Being a mum of 2 small kids and having sedentary job and mainly having very bad eating habits made me not only look unhealthy but also feel so. ⁣

My mood levels were low, I had no energy and I needed this kick to restart my life. First month was tough, especially regarding diet, but from the very first moment I enjoyed the classes. They give me a bit of time for myself and help me clear my head. ⁣

I started seeing results immediately and within 2 months I lost 10 kg. Then my progress was slowed down by lockdown but as soon as gym reopened I was back. Probably not as strict with my diet since then, but healthy eating habits were already established in the first couple of months. ⁣

Now, I feel like a new person, I am more confident, have more energy than ever before and I look forward to every class I take. ⁣

I can only recommend this transformation program to anyone but especially to any mum like me who is so preoccupied with her family that she puts herself last. You will get great support from all Atomic instructors and never regret joining this gym.”⁣