Margaret’s Story

“I have been a gym member for many years and joined atomic about 5 years ago. Previously I was doing a lot of classes but never educated myself on the benefits of the 80/20 diet and exercise approach to weight loss and fitness. ⁣

I did my first transformation in with atomic in 2016 and was amazed how my body was transformed using this approach. ⁣

I have osteoarthritis and it is very important for me to build strong muscles in order to protect my bones. The same goes for everyone as we age. ⁣

The classes in the atomic are very well researched and give an overall body workout if one follows the daily programmes either by attending or using the open gym. I like the classes as I like the sense of camaraderie and find this more motivating. I joined the transformation programme in Jan ‘20 as I saw how well the previous group were looking. I wanted to tone up, look and feel a bit better. ⁣

Unfortunately covid came along and tacts changed. It was zoom classes, walking, running and the scones we reintroduced. Gym equipment was bought but I still missed the gym classes and my atomic pals. Back to atomic and the transformation started again but was hard to get the diet back on track. ⁣

I did not need to lose weight, I exercise as often as possible and for me health and fitness is a way of life, I would encourage everyone to get out, start small, it’s surprising how it becomes part of your life. Atomic’s door is always open so just walk up those stairs.”