Lynne’s Transformation

“I have been a member of Atomic for over 6 years now and I decided that lockdown was the perfect opportunity for me to finally take of myself with proper exercise and nutrition coaching.⁣

In the past, I have often started programs and not finished them so I wanted to prove to myself that I could see this through and achieve the results I wanted.⁣

The programme was very doable, The online workouts were excellent but I was delighted to get back to the gym when the restrictions were lifted. ⁣

I love working out for the head space and really notice the difference on the days that I do it.  ⁣

The diet was easy to follow too. Some days were tougher than others but together with the great support of Sean, Edel and the other transformers we made it to the end.⁣

I am very happy with my results overall, my body shape has completely changed and I feel my strongest mentally and physically. ⁣

I feel supercharged, less stressed and happier when following this lifestyle. I would advise anyone who is considering doing a transformation to just do it. ⁣

Once you put in the work, follow the expert advice and stay consistent, you will get the results you desire⁣

Invest in yourself, you will not regret it!”⁣