Jodie’s Transformation

“I had wanted to do the transformstion for myself after I had a difficult year personally the previous year. i had been working out when i could here and there and my diet was awful.⁣

I was at my heaviest and lowest point in feb when i returned to the gym. I didnt recognise myself in the mirror. I was at rock bottom. I hated what i seen. I was embarressed too. I had no energy and seriously out of shape. None of my clothes fitted and i lived in gym gear because it was comfy.⁣

I loved the gave me a new focus and drive to change. During lockdown I used my time wisely. With extra time i used it as best i could. I loved the zoom classes at home with atomic and pushed for as many as i could do. Thank god for atomic zoom classes!⁣

After completing the transformation i feel so much better about myself. Im proud of how hard i worked and the results i achieved. Its not so bad looking in the mirror now…⁣

Now i am mentally stronger and physically stronger too,the difference is amazing. ⁣

Anyone thinking of joining atomic just do it, you wont regret it. Sean James Edel and Ciara put everything into it. They are always one step ahead. And always so supportive and helpful. I cant imagine where I would be without Atomic.”⁣