Jen’s Transformation

“I had reached a point in my life that I knew I could not keep sabotaging my body! I started to hate going out because I would have a fight with the wardrobe before my night would even start! I even found myself creating excuses why not to go! ⁣

My social life was hectic eating out 3-4 times a week and drinking wine! As good as it is when your doing it ,long term it was having an effect on me personally. ⁣

With 3 hair salons to take care off and a team of over 20 employees I’ve a very busy daily schedule. I was so tired at the end of everyday that the easiest thing to do was to order a take away! I’ve tried loads of diets over the years, it would be top of every conversation with most of my clients and we’d even laugh about it and they’d say, what are you doing this time Jen?⁣

So in February I decided enough Is enough! I gave up alcohol as i know it’s my trigger to eat !! I could come out of a restaurant and get a bag of chips on the way home that’s how bad I was! ⁣

I was nervous joining Atomic as I was so out of shape and I hated myself ! I could not look in the mirrors for a long time !! But very quickly you feel part of a group of like minded people! They’re all there for the same reasons as you are and there is no judgement.⁣

Obviously lock down happened in the middle of the 12 weeks but we didn’t get away lightly with the quick online presence that the Atomic team created! That was fun as you were not allowed do a class unless you had your video on so they could make you accountable. 🤣I felt the lock down helped me focus on me first for a change.I now had the time to cook my meals, do the classes and learn more about nutrition ! ⁣

I am so proud of what I’ve achieved but I’m not finished yet! I’ve started another 12 week program to help me get further results. I’ve got my confidence back and now I’ve made my morning gym sessions a non negotiable for me! It’s time I looked after myself first then I can give all my energy to my family and my team that they deserve.

If your thinking you’d like to change and get results trust me Atomic is the perfect culture to surround yourself in! Sean and the team are a credit to our community we are blessed to have it on our doorstep

Jen x”