Willie’s Story


I was looking for a local gym in the area that offered a wide range of options . When I came across atomic fitness it was the classes and the time table that caught my attention .

Since starting in atomic I have increased fitness levels and strength . I regularly do classes back to back . So would generally do s & c and then spin . I can burn anything up to 750-800 Calories before the day even starts .

I still play football at over 35 level and if I wasn’t doing the work in the gym there is no way I would still be playing at 44 it’s a challenge to get out on a Sunday and play 90 minutes

The things I like best about atomic is the fact that all classes are small and you get a good workout assisted and encouraged by the atomic team . I also like that the format of the classes are changed every few weeks so that we get to work on different muscle groups . The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming

I would encourage anybody thinking about joining not to hesitate . You will love it .

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