Simon’s Story


I joined Atomic in March 2016 on the recommendation of my wife Lisa who was and still is a member of the gym.  To be honest when I started out I didn’t know what results I wanted to achieve, probably for me I just wanted to better my fitness levels and get out of the house for a couple of evenings during the week, I started off doing one of the 6 week challenges that Atomic run.  Looking back on myself I was what you would call skinny fat, I have never had trouble with my weight so I thought how can I loose weight if I’m already in or around the “recommended” weight for my age/height etc.  Not realising that you can loose body fat but maintain muscle and tone up at the same time.

I took things slowly to start with, 2 classes per week and I stuck to the diet plan for the 6 week challenge, prior to joining the gym I was the worst for junk food, a typical day for me would be no breakfast, lunch could be anything from McDonald’s to a bag of crisps and a sandwich, dinner would be decent enough but I’d also be eating biscuits/bars/crisps and anything that was in the kitchen press basically loads of sugar and saturated fats, and the usual of just throwing a frozen pizza in the oven if I was hungry!  I’d no concept of calories or anything like that, one day I could be eating 5000 calories the next could be 1500 calories. Now I eat healthy 6 and a half(ish) days a week but Saturday night anything goes!! This works for me but might not for others depending on your goals.

Over the last 18 months I’ve found out that what I eat makes the biggest changes for fat loss, combined with weight training and cardio you will see results, the classes Atomic run are brilliant, I need to be told what to do and when to do it so a structured Strength & Conditioning class was and still is exactly what I need, when I started I honestly didn’t know what a Burpee or a Squat was, I didn’t know the difference between a Glute and a Trap, there was times during the classes I had to get the instructors to show me how to do a Burpee!!  Half the time I’m not listening to the instructions at the start of class and Sean and Adam have great patience and are always on hand to advise of the next exercise and making sure your using proper form and progressing with your weights and fitness, they are always available before or after class for a chat, just ask them anything, they have a huge amount of knowledge and advice to give, they know their stuff and have learnt from trail and error themselves over the years. Advice is free so use it!

Since I joined Atomic I’m still the same weight, I’d no “weight” to loose just fat so I’ve obviously lost the fat and gained a bit of muscle, I’ve dropped from a 33 inch to a 28 inch waist, the bellies gone (almost!!) and I feel I have much more energy and get up and go, I’ve made loads of new friends inside and outside of the gym and I genuinely look forward to my classes every week.

My advice would be start off slow, make little changes at a time, anything you do or change in your diet or training stick to it for at least a few weeks and see what difference it makes, it’s all about consistency and how our bodies react to different things, keep an eye on the scales but not too much, if you stick to a plan you will see results. Check the mirror or put on the t-shirt that was too tight around the beer belly and see how it fits, you’ll know by looking how your progressing and if you’ve been honest with your food and training then you’ll be loosing fat quicker than you think.  It’s simple on paper! Consume less calories than you require during the day and over time you’ll loose fat, consume more calories and you’ll put on weight. If your not sure what to be doing ask Sean or Adam and they’ll do you up a plan

I get easily bored with things but I have to say the classes Atomic run are constantly changing, there’s something for everyone, every month the exercises in class are changed around and there’s a huge amount of classes to choose from.  I always try and get extra cardio done during the week, this could be running, cycling, walking, just do anything and get off your ass, change it up every few weeks so your body doesn’t get used to the same exercise and you’ll be burning calories constantly.  I’m not into apps or fitbits or posting on social media how many crunches I’ve done on a Sunday morning, if this works for you and motivates you then go for it, for me I get better enjoyment of just going to class or going for a run and knowing I’ve completed something else that day and then over time seeing results. Take things slowly and you’ll get there, don’t rush it, it’s not going to happen overnight. Join Atomic you won’t regret it.

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