Louise’s Transformation

Last April I was given a (much hinted for) birthday gift of membership for Atomic. Initially it was just for 3 months so I could trial it to see if it was something I’d be interested in doing on a more regular basis. I remember walking through that orange door for the first time and the overwhelming feelings of fear and nervousness were like nothing I’d ever felt before.

As I soldiered on up the stairs I met with Edel. She was so warm and welcoming to me and instantly made me feel at ease. Without even realising I left that day no longer feeling inadequate or intimidated. I was just eager and excited to get started. Since then, I have grown in confidence so much so that I’ve completed 3 half marathons and massively I achieved my dream of completing the Dublin City Marathon last October. I did all of this completely injury free which I put down to the high level of guidance and expertise of the instructors in Atomic.

I’ve also lost just over 3 stone, gone from being a stay at home mother for the last 10 years to someone now confident enough to make a move back to work. I still get my classes in each week and honestly consider them to be a real priority in trying to juggle and fit everything in. This is helped massively by the flexibility of the timetable Atomic offers. There’s always a class that suits my crazy, busy life because they start out early and are there available to us members til late most days.

Needless to say I’ve since signed up for the annual membership and couldn’t imagine not having that outlet in my life now. If anyone regardless of levels of fitness, weight or confidence was considering whether or not to join Atomic I would wholeheartedly say DO IT!!!! I promise you won’t look back. There really is no price any of us can put on our health and well being. You’ll thank yourself for it!

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