John’s Story


I was never fond of using gyms, I have tried a few in the past couple of years and used one in work but never continued with it for long. As a kid, I was into outdoor training and athletics and got back into running and cycling in the last 10 years. I ran three marathons and half’s 10ks, and also a few duathlons. Unfortunately I picked up a few injuries from road running and my profession is plumbing so I ended up with a bad knee problem. I had to put the running on hold.

My wife Sinead has been a member of Atomic and was enjoying it a lot so I said I might give it a go and see how my injuries would hold out. I started strength and conditioning classes 3 mornings a week and I am really enjoying them, I’m even getting in a odd palates class in the evenings when I can. I’ve done two 6 week transformations and have got down a little over a stone in weight and feel a lot fitter and stronger like I did when I was running.

If you get your diet right while training it is everything. Sean does out a fantastic plan for each individual at the start of your 6 week challenge and give you a full print out of all your food options, which is a great help. Him and all of his teams’ knowledge is second to none!

The classes are fantastic and feel like you’re getting a personal one on one session, their instruction for each excercise is extremely detailed. I have been a member for about a year now and never miss a class, the Monday 6am class kick starts your week. My energy levels are well up since I joined and I find the regular sessions are key so I’ve made it part of my weekly routine.

Atomic is a lifestyle change for the better and anyone thinking of making that step, I highly recommend it to you. Give it a go you won’t be disappointed, as I’ve said I have never lasted in any other gym until I joined Atomic, and have never looked back.

Thanks Sean, Adam, Edel and Andrew.

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