Jodie’s story


I joined Atomic in 2015, it was the best decision I ever made! From my very first class Sean made me feel welcome. I had never joined a gym before so wasn’t sure what to expect. I wanted to obtain greater fitness overall and for it to help improve my running.

 I have ran 3 marathons over the years, 1 before I joined Atomic and 2 after I joined and I found that I was much stronger in my running and my overall fitness improved since I  joined Atomic and my running times all improved for it. My overall fitness has greatly improved and I love the head space I get from doing the classes. I they always set me up for the day ahead.Since joining Atomic I have tried many different challenges which I would not have tried before, like Hell and Back, Adventure races and cycling.

I love the 6am classes I find that it’s the best time for me to work out; I really enjoy the morning classes. I do 2 6am classes a week and try to do at least 1 open gym session a week too. The class times suits around my home life. I work full time and have 1 daughter and when you get home from work it’s so hectic so I find the 6am classes are best as it’s not interfering in anything else. I do try to fit in a run or a cycle in the evenings if I have the time. I love the feel good endorphins after a class; it sets me up for the day ahead. The classes are tough but really enjoyable.The guys in Atomic are always pushing you on the next level and won’t let you slack!

 I can’t recommend the guys at Atomic fitness highly enough. They are always supportive and have time to answer any questions. They have a big variety of classes and the timetable will suit anybody’s schedule. The app is so easy to use and you can pick and choose your own times and classes to suit around your lifestyle. If you are thinking of joining my advice would be to just do it you won’t be sorry and will soon be as hooked as the rest of us in Atomic! I can’t imagine not having Atomic to go to.

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