Catherine’s story


I had been working in insurance for a number of years and the weight had gradually increased over that time to the point where I was the heaviest I had ever been. I was then made redundant last November and took this as the opportunity to make a positive change.


I was aware of Atomic Fitness being in the village and had heard good reports about it and wanted to join but was very wary of doing so as I was extremely overweight and unfit.  The idea of going to a gym was very scary for me as I felt embarrassed about how unfit and big I would be in comparison to everyone else.


I phoned Sean and he asked me to come down and Edel and himself were there to take my measurements and weight and took me through what was available. They were great and made me feel very welcome. I started off with the spinning class and Adam took the first class and he was brilliant and told me to take it at my own pace. I had to stop halfway through but he was there giving me encouragement to keep going.


It was the start of a wonderful relationship between me and the team at Atomic Fitness and the encouragement continues!


Since I have started with Atomic and done a few of Sean’s challenges !  I have lost 35kg and lost a total of 22.5 inches from my chest, waist & hips.  I have went down 5/6 dress sizes and my fitness level and health is so much better, it’s wonderful!


The best thing about Atomic is that the team know you as an individual and you get individual attention and encouragement. It also has to be said that the Atomic members are brilliant as they are an extremely friendly bunch of people and also give you encouragement.


I don’t think you would get this care and attention from any other gym and this is what makes Atomic great and I would urge anyone to join and not to feel afraid or embarrassed and to take that step.


I still have quite a while to go with getting to my ideal weight and it is not always easy but I know that with the help and encouragement of the Atomic team and its members , I will get there.

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