Sandra’s story


I joined Atomic this time last year. After seeing the amazing results my friend had achieved I initially signed up for 2 classes a week on a 3 month contract. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my health and well being.

I am a mother of 3 and work part time on variable shifts so I could not commit to the same class every week. Atomic’s extensive variety of classes and times enables me to swap and change each week to suit my schedule. I find the app excellent and once I’ve booked myself into a class I know I will go whereas previously my exercise regimes often failed as a result of bad weather or lack of motivation.

Since joining I feel stronger, fitter and more toned. I also find the classes great for clearing your head and always feel great walking down the stairs after completing another great workout! There is no hanging around as the classes are functional, always start on time and I’m home 5mins after it’s finished.

If you are someone who needs that little push to keep you on track Atomic offers great motivation and support without making you feel inadequate in any way. Sean, Adam and Edel are amazing, their enthusiasm and encouragement is infectious.

The hardest part was making the first step to call atomic, after that there is no looking back!

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