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“We Lift People Up, Change Their Shape And Transform Their Lives”

Why do people often fail to achieve their goals when they join a gym?

Perhaps it’s because the average gym in this country does not provide sufficient personal support or education to help their members reach their goals which leads to people giving up and feeling like they’ve failed!

Atomic Fitness are a gym with a difference! Our new private studio enables us to work with our members in a personal setting where we can show them how to lose weight and improve their health and wellbeing without feeling embarrassed or intimidated.

We can help you achieve amazing results just like Lorraine and we will ensure you have fun while doing so.

Atomic Fitness has the best qualified coaches and we only run scientifically proven classes which get results in less time than any other exercise programmes.

We are always working on ways to provide you with a rewarding experience as well as giving you the support, the accountability and the motivation to Change Your Shape and Transform Your Life.

Let’s get you started with us straight away, pop your details into the consultation box below and we can chat today.

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